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Description Key

AG - Ass Growth

AP - Age Progression

AR - Age Regression

BE - Breast Expansion

BM - Bimbofication

DM - Dominatrix

FG - Fat Growth


GI - Giantess

HE - Hip Expansion

HG - Hair Growth

HP - Hypnosis

IB - Increased Beauty

LA - Lactation

LG - Leg Growth


MA - Mind Alteration

MG - Muscle Growth

PE - Penis Growth

PR - Pregnancy

PS - Plastic Surgery

RS - Reality Shift

SB - Submission


SM - She-Male

SR - Shrinkage

TF - Weird/Other Transformations

TG - Transgender

XXX - Explicit Imagery



AG - BE - BM - HE - IB - MG - PE - PS - SB - XXX

Britney tries a little roleplay in the bedroom when discovering that her boyfriend has a bimbo fetish, unlocking an exciting new dimension to their relationship -- so how far will she go to indulge it?


A Day at the Beach

AG - BE - BM - HE - HG - LG - MA - TG

Two guys cut work to catch some rays on a sunny, secluded beach. Everything would be perfect... if only a bikini-clad girl or two were around.


A Jewel on 34th Street

AG - BE - HE - HG - LG - TG

A transformative jewel finds itself in the hands of two guys walking down the street.


Bimbo Eyes

AG - BE - BM - HE - HG - HP - IB - SB - XXX

An office manager for a therapist becomes increasingly frustrated by her boss's strict rules of dress and behavior.


Bottled Potential

AG - BE - HE - HG - IB - MG - PE - TG - XXX

Three friends and roommates; Jason, Victor and Robert, go through a formative period that reveals their inner potentials.

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Cheap Motel

AG - BE - HE - HG - TG

Two guys settle into a hotel before attending a convention, but they shouldn't get too comfortable as some changes are on their way.


Content Creation

AG - BE - HE - HG - IB - PS - XXX

Documenting the progression of a young woman's growing internet popularity.


Morning Surprise

BM - HG - TG - XXX

What would you do if you awoke with the body of a beautiful young woman?



AG - BE - HE - HG - IB

Barbara has begun taking a miraculous new diet pill.



AG - BE - HE - HG - IB - LG - PR - TG - XXX

A fit young man is the subject of a novel procedure. When the effects don't go as planned, he insists he reverse everything back to normal, but can it be and does he actually want to?


Selling Candy

BE - BM - IB - MA - TG

Selling candy door-to-door is a girl's job, isn't it?


Travel Buddies

AG - BE - BM - HE - HG - I - LG - MA - RS - XXX

Erika and Lisa go through some changes when they go on a car ride with Percy.


Welcome to Cha-Chas

AG - BE - BM - FG - HE - HG - LG

A young girl gets a new job at a popular restaurant known for its bubbly voluptuous wait staff.

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